We are the exclusive partners of Beauty UK cosmetics in the GCC region; bringing British chic to a
keen and sophisticated market.


Elixir's internship programme is truly the only one of its kind. The successful few are afforded an excellent start towards a new career.


Our investment engagement covers the full spectrum of business development: from consultancy to assisting with physical setup.


Business infrastructure is only as good as the software that drives it. We deploy bespoke SAP ERP solutions, ultimately saving you time and money.



The value of local know-how cannot be overstated. Our knowledge of the regulatory and cultural environment will direct you towards success.



Elixir is a British-owned and managed independent consultancy specialising in providing technology, language and investment products and services across Europe and the Middle East. At Elixir, we are hands-on problem-solvers who work to deliver services to a wide range of customers with differing expectations.

Working closely with demanding and high-profile clients, we deem it of the utmost importance to offer a personalised service, knowing that our reputation is our highest concern. Each project is, in fact, an opportunity for us to build fruitful and long-term relationships which we hope will lead to full partnerships. This is our passion. As a result, most of our growth has been organic and based on client recommendation.

Our solutions support our clients’ desire to improve their business as we strive to simplify their lives by working through complicated problems and processes on their behalf, delivering a range of projects on time and within budget. Our advice is always short, clear and realistic. Our solutions will lead to your business’ evolution.